Lakewood Links - Newest Jewel in Bangkok’s Golfing Crown!

Bangkok, 11 March | Welcome to Lakewood Links – the newest jewel in Bangkok’s golfing crown! Set in serene and tranquil countryside in Bang Chalong district off Bangna-Trad Highway, this 18-hole golfing paradise has all the prerequisites to become the city’s hottest destination for four hours of fun filled with unexpected challenges and surprise rewards, albeit, all in disguise!

Scheduled to open in 2015, works at the course are going on at a brisk pace. The course has been aptly named ‘Lakewood Links’, reminding golfers of a linksland characterised by undulating sandy grounds dotted with bushy dunes and water bodies.

What make Lakewood Links uniquely outstanding are two signature par-3s with island greens –147-yd hole #8, or the ‘Crab’, and 150-yd hole #16, aka the ‘Starfish’. The green of hole #8 is shaped exactly like the carapace of a crab with two pincers on the left and right in the front, while hole #16’s green resembles a sea star with five arms.

While on the 8th tee, one should be aware of the notorious Crab that’s always ‘hungry’ for balls. For, a careless tee shot can send the ball for a grab! Golfers will face a similar situation when they are on the 16th. If one isn’t careful enough, the ball will, in all probability, be gobbled up by the voracious Starfish!

Both the greens sit side by side in the middle of a large lake and are connected to the land through timber bridges. The greens appear as if they have been chiseled to shape on a landmass bordered by sand and surrounded by water. A peculiar character of the two holes is that they share the same black tees.

With ‘sea-creature’ greens, these truly special holes create an illusion that the golf course is close to the ocean! This strange combination of two holes sharing the same back tees and with greens shaped like sea creatures cannot be found anywhere in Thailand or, perhaps, in the entire world, but Lakewood Links!

Follow this link - - to watch a short video of the Crab and the Starfish or just visit YouTube and search for ‘Lakewood Links’.

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