Mermaid Maritime’s Nominations for 5 of CNBC’s 2015 ABLA Delights TTA, Shows Thai Firms’ Competitiveness in World Arena

Bangkok, 21 September 2015 | CNBC announced the nominations of Mr. Chalermchai Mahagitsiri, Mermaid Maritime’s Chief Executive, along with 44 other top Asian business leaders, for five of the 14th ABLA (2015) – The Asia Business Leader of the Year Award for his remarkable success in turning Mermaid Maritime into a profitable company and his vision for positioning it as the “Contractor of Choice” in the oil and gas industry. Proud of the global recognition of his Thai organization Mermaid, which reflects TTA’s prudent investing, he stressed his commitment to work to his best ability.

CNBC, one of the world’s leading television channels, announced the list of candidates for its 14th Asia Business Leader Awards (ABLA: 2015), which includes Mr. Chalermchai Mahagitsiri, Chief Executive of Mermaid Maritime Plc, a subsidiary of Thoresen Thai Agencies Plc (TTA), who is shortlisted for The Asia Business Leader of the Year Award. In addition, he is also running for the Asia Innovator of the Year Award, the Asia Talent Management Award, the Corporate Social Responsibility Award and the Thailand Business Leader of the Year Award. The award ceremony for 2015 will be held on Thursday, 29 October 2015, in Thailand.

ABLAs are presented by CNBC for selected business leaders whose proven records in the areas of vision, improvement and innovation have led their organizations to excellence, and who can serve as good role models of businesspersons who have successfully grown their businesses effectively and globally.

Chalermchai, who is also the TTA President and Chief Executive Officer, said that he felt very pleased and honoured to have been shortlisted for CNBC’s ABLAs, although what he did has been merely to do his best to make Mermaid Maritime the “Contractor of Choice”, winning absolute trust from the oil and gas companies.

“Of course, the fact that Mermaid Maritime, a Thai firm, is treated on par with many global firms, is a source of pride. Listed in Singapore, it maintains an impressive list of customers who are premier oil companies. Our growths have been achieved through consistently improved performances. Most importantly, the shortlisting of the Mermaid for ABLA (2015) reflects TTA’s prudent investing and enhances TTA’s confidence in its investment strategy and its commitment to generating decent returns,” Mr. Mahagitsiri noted.

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