In the past 40 years, our PM Group gained several first-mover advantages by investing in a number of industrial and consumer product companies such as Nescafe instant coffee, Thainox Public Company Limited; the first and only Cold Rolled Stainless Steel plant in Thailand. Our Group has also invested in various premium real estate projects in major cities around the country, including golf courses, hotels, offices and residential condominiums. Our involvement in diverse activities reflected the huge investment opportunities at that time where the Thai economy was growing rapidly along with the rest of the world. Throughout that period, I was able to time our investments well and generated very healthy returns.

My investment philosophy has always been to play by the rules and to excel within the limits of the law in full transparency and, at the same time, to optimize returns with ownership functions behind the success of the company for the benefit of all shareholders. Laying a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility, we also have showed our sincere care and concern for the benefit of various stakeholders such as our suppliers, business partners, employees and, most importantly, our CUSTOMERS. This ideology has worked wonders for us and will continue to be the cornerstone of our success, leading our path to a better and brighter tomorrow!

In 2011, PM Group positioned itself for new investment opportunities as two new generation Mahagitsiris stepped in to participate in the Group investment activities and launched several new initiatives to take the Group to the next level. This new generation comes along with innumerable new ideas and highly creative innovations powered by unceasing zeal and zest. The young and energetic Mahagitsiris intend to consolidate all our existing businesses besides expanding our reach to new horizons. In line with our growth plans, we have raised the registered capital of PM Group to THB 2,000 million or USD 66.67 million.

The world has changed dramatically over the last few years. Trade and investments have shifted globally with BRICS, especially China, leading the way. We are ready to adapt to the new world demand at any opportunity. We welcome new friends to join us in building a better future for all.